Plastic injection moulding

Why choose injection moulding?

Plastic injection moulding is the ideal technique for the manufacture of mass-produced parts. It is an attractive solution for production runs of a few thousand units and over. Its value is both economical and technical. Economically, compared to other techniques it is very advantageous from a certain threshold. This is thanks to inexpensive raw material, a very fast production rate and a very light end product. Technically, plastic injection provides a clean finish, a very smooth surface and lasting solidity over time.

But how does plastic injection work? The process is quite simple. The plastic material, in granulated form, is heated to a high temperature (200°C to 250°C). The softened material is then injected under high pressure into a closed mould for an intact finish and perfect distribution. The part is then cooled to solidify and ejected into a recovery tray or collected by a robot handler. This loop continues until the process is complete.


Our main expertise includes :

Injection mono-matière

Single material injection (traditional injection)

Injection de matières thermoplastiques

Injection of thermoplastic materials and elastomers

Injection de matière odorante

Injection of fragrant materials

Injection de matière biologique

Injection of biological materials

Surmoulage d’inser

Insert overmoulding

Décoration, marquage

Decoration, marking

Assemblage de sous-ensembles

Subset assembly

Soudure ultra-son

Ultrasonic welding

Emballage et conditionnement



One of the most important processes during the creation of a project is the design of the part. The thicknesses of all the part's surfaces are calculated to obtain a quality finished product that is both resistant and pleasant to the eye and to the touch. When it is too thick, the part is ungainly, too thin and it risks breaking or even disappearing when the material is distributed in the mould. We provide you with support in the design and adjustment of these specific features required in a part. Each detail is studied so that nothing is left to chance. We also provide our customers with recommendations on their issues and constraints. The choice of material is crucial and can influence the characteristics of the product. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with assistance.



BILLAT is the historical brand of PLASTIC BILLAT. It represents all the automotive accessories: body protection, winter seasonal, car cleaning and promotional items. Today, we work with our own brand as well as with private labels. The quality and the reputation of this brand is no longer to be demonstrated.

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Designed and manufactured by PLASTIC BILLAT, DEXA is the ideal flow meter for your injection molding machines, extruders and blow molding machines. It allows you to have a total control of water inlets and outlets, thanks to a single control button. It is the only device on the market with a single button, thus reducing maneuvers and allowing a simple and fast maintenance.

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In perpetual evolution and improvement of our production tools, we regularly invest in new machines, in order to maintain an optimum level of performance.

We have just invested in 3 new electric presses: 2 presses of 100T and 1 press of 220T. These will allow us to produce high precision parts, to improve our production time and to reduce our electricity consumption. This investment completes our machine park, currently consisting of 30 presses from 25 T to 320 T, including 6 with 3 axis double arm robots.


The mold is an essential element for production, but also a precious asset. At PLASTIC BILLAT, we are aware of this. That is why we have created an area dedicated to the storage of your molds. We apply strict safety and conservation standards, such as fireproofing the area.